Where and how are my garments produced? 

Hey! We are Jess and Liv. We are sisters and we’re based in London, England. We tie-dye all of our clothing entirely by hand. 

What size should I order?

Please do note that all of our items are oversized, and so you could go down a size if you like your clothing slightly more fitted. 

 S UK 6/8
M UK 8/10
L UK 10/12

How many colours can I pick?

We recommend using no more than 3 colours per garment. On any product, you will be able to select the primary colour. When you go to checkout, you will be able to write us a note should you want to include any additional colours. 

How do I wash my garments?

Wash your tie-dye products the same way you would wash any new clothes! The dye will bleed the same way it would any other product of the same fabric and colours. Make sure you isolate your washes to clothing of the same colours. We recommend washing your tie-dye garments on cold! We wouldn't recommend tumble-drying. 

How long will my tie-dye garment last? 

With cold machine washing and reasonable care, your tie-dye items will last you years! 

What is I Tie-Dye’s exchange/return policy?

As each item is bespoke we are unable to accept exchanges or returns.